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panaoramic dental xray

3D Dental X-Rays (CBCT) from just 175!

3d dental scan CBCT dental scans from Pure Dental Eastbourne

Dental X-Rays: 2D (OPG) and 3D (CBCT)

Pure Dental Surgery offers 2D and 3D dental scans.

For dentists that place dental implants or need help and advice doing so, we can provide your patients with a full CBCT scan of both jaws from ONLY 175. Our highly qualified professionals can provide a 3D CBCT scan prior to your initial treatment planning. Scans can also be provided with a written report.

The CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) scan is one of the most accurate and advanced radiographic techniques which has revolutionised dentistry.

The images we are able to obtain for you will normally be able to show all the information required about your bone, including structures that require investigation.

Benefits of Pure Dental's Dental Scan service

Some of the good reasons why you should refer your patients to us:

  • Same day appointments, if required
  • FREE, easy to use, self loading DiCOM software is included in CBCT
  • Images supplied at the time of scanning
  • FREE help and support reading and using dental scan software
  • A range of scan sizes limiting exposure only to region of interest
  • Affordable scans at 175 (without report) or 200 (with report)

All scans are conducted by dentists with an MSc in Dental & Maxillofacial Radiology.

Call us now on 01323 487231 to book 3D CBCT or OPG scans.

Examples of the wide variety of referrals already made to us include:

  • Implant placement
  • Monitor healing
  • Root canals: hidden; calcified; exact length
  • Trauma / fractured root
  • Generalised face ache of unknown aetiology
  • Patients who gag or cannot lie back

This is not an exhaustive list: CBCT seems to have limitless applications and we would welcome any of the above and any others that may present to you.